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Special Events

idea waves special event dogs fat zombies herc military

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I have an Idea for the Game.


The Idea are Special Events in Missions. I mean Events like :

"You are hearing barks". After that Message a Wave will start , with only Dogs !

"Something big is coming!". A Wave is starting , where only Fat Zombies are Spawning !

"Special Zombies are on the Way". A Wave is starting , with only Special Zombies! (HERC Zombies or Military)

Thats my Idea :)

(Sorry for bad English. Im from Germany!)

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Das ist, was Zombie Binsen sind im Grunde. Es wäre äußerst unrealistisch, wenn Sie nur einen Ansturm von Hunde-, Militär hatte ... etc. Es ist nicht wie die Zombies würden Formationen und Angriffsstrategien zu sammeln und zu planen. Dabei macht es für eine schnelle Nivellierung, die das Interesse der Person im Spiel reduzieren würde.


That is what zombie rushes are basically. It would be extremely unrealistic if you had a rush of only dogs, military... etc. It is not like the zombies would gather and plan formations and attack strategies. Plus it makes for fast leveling up which would reduce the person's interest in the game.

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That title should be called 'Rush Warning', or 'Rush Notification'.


I guess someone had a heart attack from all those sudden rush of zombies waves. ;)

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this is actually a good idea. i like it +1 i want some challenge to the rush

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