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Trading gifts presents Caravan

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I personally think that there should be gifts for others. Once a day you can select 1 gift and a couple people that play this also (Doesn't have to be friends) and send them a "Caravan" with the gift in it and when the OTHER person gets on when caravan arrives/arrived it will say [Name] Has given you [Gift] (With the choice of gifter being anonymous). The better the gift, the more expensive it will be, cheap gifts like bottles of water, bottle of fuel, apple, etc. Will be free. Fuel could be used as the money. You could select person(s) you want by typing in their username. You could have "Favorites", when you add someone to "Favorites" it will be an automatically typed in name, click on the user, and the name will be added to people you are sending the "Caravan" to. 

I think this would be a good idea because lets say you know someone in dire need of help, you could send them resources/weapons to aid them! Or you are just in a really "giving" mood and feel like giving things to random strangers! This would cause less tension within the game between people, helping new people out of a rut and the oldest people giving others cool gifts!

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