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Crafting Bonuses For Gear (bonus Fields Vs Base Fields)


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President Bongo

President Bongo
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I've crafted a fair number of things. One thing that I've noticed is that you can only get a 'Crafting Bonus' in an area that already has a bonus. For Weapons it's straightforward: If the Schematic has a bonus for Range, Attacks Per Second, and Accuracy you CAN get a Crafting Bonus for any (or all) of these up to +25%. For Gear, however, there are 'bonus fields' and 'base fields' and it's sometimes hard to tell the difference until you blow a few hundred fuel making a dozen or so.


For instance, all the Glasses have Accuracy as a Bonus Field, but the Range is a function of Level (Base Field). I have 8 good Crafted Glosses with Accuracy from +20% to +30%, but the Range is always +12%. These Glasses actually helped a lot with weapons like (Crafted) P90s, (Crafted) MP10s, M240s, Uniques below Level 35, and anything else with 50% (or lower) Accuracy. Unfortunately they are not that great with Weapons with Accuracy above about 70%.


For Example: Hardened Bright Tracer Rounds have:


Enemy Suppression +48.23%

_(Bright +15%)

Damage +10%
_(Hardened +10%)

Hit Chance +16.58%

Effective Range -11.18%


I'm pretty sure that Enemy Suppression and Damage are 'bonus fields' while Range is a 'base field' that just leaves Hit Chance as unknown. I just want to know if anybody has crafted these yet and if you can get a Crafting Bonus for Hit Chance as well?




Also I hear from the chat that CON totally nerfed the pure Damage Rounds (whatever they are called). I KNOW they added +35% Ammo usage (even on ALREADY crafted ones). I also heard that the Schematic doesn't drop anymore AND you can't get Crafting Bonuses if you do Craft it. Could someone confirm or deny any of these rumours?



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