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I have played the game for a while and i am at lvl 16.


Im noticing that the game is getting harder to play because of the return time.


My suggestion is to either choose micro transactions or "buy the game" (upgrade car) option and not both.

At higher lvl, for example lvl 30 i have a 4 hour return time, that brings my game-play to one or two times a day from  playing it 10-20 times a day. My guess is that you want players to  stay in the game for longer time and not be forced to switch games meanwhile they are waiting for the survivors to return.

I know you guys work hard and have to get payed buy history has show pay-to-win games dont last long and allot of major mmo games are changing their business strategy from  "buy the game" to micro transactions.

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Ive been playing a year and a half, and I havent seen much "pay-to-win".


#1 They added the Fuel still a year ago so players could make their own fuel. Big thanks there.


#2 They also made the Deathmobile upgradeable to cutdown return times.


If they could buff it, I would like to upgrade the deathmobile in basically any way besides cash purchase. Upgrading it is actually pretty cheap, but getting your missions done 5minutes doesnt help much, as you still have to wait 24hours to be able to go to that location again.


For me, there are only 2 level 41 spots, so purchasing the deathmobile is mostly for the cosmetic upgrade.

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