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Indonesian Flag Request

flag Request Indonesian

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I've read the topic from nmwyudi , and he said:

CON ARTISTS, if it's possible, perhaps, if you can, could you please make us an Indonesian Flag on the miscellanious items, considering that many players (hundreds of them) on the Dead Zone were Indonesian, and we have Indonesian alliances too. Please consider our proposal. Thank you and regards, by the name of all Indonesian players."


I think it's a good idea, and great idea for us Indonesian. 

I'm Indonesian, and joining in Indonesian Alliance called GARUDA HITAM (GHI).

The Garuda alliances have many alliances such as 1N4 (Raruda Resistance), G50 (Garuda 50), Garuda Merah (GME), Garuda Nusantara (GNU), Indonesian Raiders (IRA), Garuda Indonesia (GIN).

And many of Indonesian players that not join the Garuda aliiances too (Joining the Non-Indonesian alliances).

I played this game since the first time launching. And before that, i played the Union City Dead Zone.

We even had our own facebook groups.

The Indonesian connection were so strong in Indonesian players.

I hope the CON will accept our request for the Indonesian Flag.

Sincerely Yours,

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The Architect

The Architect
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Sure, but spamming won't get you anywhere but hate-city. 

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Lord Kronosian

Lord Kronosian
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Hey mate nice to see you on the forums and I agree we need more flags


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I Agree, I'm also an Indonesia player, could CON please make us an National Flag Of Indonesia?

I also agree with Lord Kronosian, we need more flags.

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President Bongo

President Bongo
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The red and white flag? (Or one of the other older ones?)




It can also be the flag of Monaco, Singapore (not really), and 6 Germanic provinces!

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