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Need More Things To Do..

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After reading some random comments on AG 1 player was complaining that there wasn't to much you can do at high lvl.


All we do is: kill zombies, collect resources, scavange and probably some of you raid but where are all the tasks we got till level 20 or 23 that gave us somethig to do an objective if you will so I propose the following :



More quests(tasks) to fill the gap from at least lvl 25 to like 40.


Weekly or monthly tasks for everyone from lvl 1 to the highest lvl(50 atm) preferably with item rewards or high amount of XP.


New players to the game should get some easy to do task with some basic gear like med kits, a low level baseball bat(preferably spiked) or whatever else Con and his team decide.     These tasks should start from lvl 1 and end at lvl 10 gearing the player for what is to come(raiding, getting raided and whatever else), just put Ivan in there so they are more logical.




Maybe we don't need all these things but at least add more tasks.


Feel free to comment on this and leave your suggestions below.

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You could raid in the war.


and no i'm not being facetious. i started the game and thought this is great running around opening maps, killing zeds and finding useable loot! as i progressed i discovered like this post is saying the PVE portion of the game at my now L26 is absolutely no different than the game was at L1 other than stat's change and there are new building layouts to mission through as the levels open. other than that it is a grind. understand i have been playing online multiuser games for about 16 or 17 years now since at least '98 in Ultima Online where the tag "PK" and the phrase "gank" was first coined and used in an online pvp game. so i do know what a grind is. All the objectives do is mask grinding with a small prize at the end for grinding till you meet the objective.


then i got high enough to get in an alliance and start raiding to capture a flag. truth be told that's all i look forward to. i don't care about their resources there is only one one fresh hot pie on  that old ladies window sill cooling for me and it's called banner pie. I don't think this game could keep my serious interest just doing pve.


so that is my serious suggestion. now if you tale me up on it i do recommend creating a new alt and start raiding early. as the new alt levels new defenses become available that your alt and others will gain the ability to use. this will allow you to learn to raid with graduating difficulty rather than waiting till higher levels where you have to face a fully matured defense and run against folks that do know what does and does not work.


there is no game out there i have tried that is so open ended and diverse that it never grows stale and becomes a grind. only one comes close to breaking out of that and it is Star Trek Online with it's player generated content that you can run story line missions through.


to borrow from the most interesting man in the world, "Keep raiding my friend!"


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