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Alliance Communication System Upgrade

Founder Members Communication Options Messages Offline

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I suggest an option 'leave private message' to be added to Founder's Members (by existing 'remove member, change rank and view compound) menu no matter if they are online or offline- by being able to leave individual messages (for example 'I expect more effort in War Tasks from you') to our Members, we will improve Alliance communication, therefore Alliance overall success.

If not only for the Founders, this option would also be very useful for entire Alliance, so all Members could leave messages to each other, sharing advices, tips, seeking help on build/upgrade etc. Of course, option 'mute member' should follow this.


It would also help to Founders to keep good team gathered, without kicking active players out of Alliance because they are offline for few days or more- Members could leave private message to Founder (or other Alliance Member) saying 'I'm not feeling well, I'll be back' so everyone could know we can rely on that Member.

Good Alliance is hard to form.

Graphic solution: There is more then enough space on Members list from our names to gear icon- it would be enough to add letter icon by name of private message sender.

Thanks for considering this:)

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