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Organizing Items/new Items Section

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Sometimes, after a round of automated missions, I find myself with dozens of new items under my weapons and gear sectoins, under my inventory, and I have to quickly scan each one in an attempt to find something thats better than my current gear. As of right now, as far as I know, this is the only method of replacing old gear with newly found gear scavanged during missions. To make upgrading easier, I would like a new feature added, as simple as click and drag, that will allow me to arrange and organize my items any way I please. This will make searching for that superior item a much faster and easier task. Any new items would automatically be added to the end (or beginning) of each section. The All section would not be organizable.


On top of that, adding a New Items section could be very useful. What do I mean? You log on and find all of your people have come back from missions. You open your Inventory and click your New Items section to find dozens of new items. You begin checking (it would be a check mark system) items and then select "Save and remove from New Items List" OR "Recycle selected," which would require your recycler to be available (if it isnt available a message would appear and nothing would change). You cant recycle individual items from this section. If you picked the latter then your items would be removed from the New Items section and be viewable under the their appropriate sections (they were always viewable in their appropriate sections). If you pick neither then the item will remain in the New Items section until you either remove it or reycle it. That way, if youre undecided what you want to do with it, you could always come back to it later.


And finally, as a side note, I would also like a function that allows you to quickly view specific types of junk, with the simple click of a button, in order to find junk that can be recycled for specific types of material (wood, metal, cloth, other). The buttons would be an easy method to quickly find the material you need. Pressing these buttons wouldnt change how your Junk section is organized, only what is viewable. These buttons wouldnt have to be for only the "Junk" section but I think this is where it would be used the most.


Please leave a comment and respectfully let me know if youre for or against these ideas and give your reason why. Thank you :)

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