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Last Stand: Stadium

Stadium Last Stand

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Hi All :)

I am not sure whether I should have written this on 'Feedback' or 'Ideas' section but I think here is good :)


Everyone has a stadium in their map right? which is just a picture. So, I have an idea to share.


I wish game team make it as a last stand ground, coming zombie waves from 4 directions and we stand and hold in the middle of the pitch. There can be a little barricades too give us some cover but I dont expect it to hold stronger waves of zombies which makes it challening.


I expect it to be played in various modes:


* Just for Xp - no item drop

* Both xp and item drop

* For the fame of it - How long can you hold the waves? ( For this mode, a player will have the chance to leave the stadium after reaching needed wave; for example, I'd be able to leave after holding ,1015,20,25 waves of zombies so that the player can choose to leave or go for the fame!




- Maybe after every 3 or 5 waves, player can open a container around the covers ( they will be unlocked normally ), it can be resources, guns, gears, med items, etc... of course, there can be a supply box key in one of the containers but can you hold enough waves to earn it? :)


*Zombies can be a little tricky. I mean not that easy to lure to some extent.

*There can be a hard to kill boss zombie before opening of boxes - every 3 or 5 waves...

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There's a lot of discussions about the stadium, your idea included, so I'm not going to leave much of a comment here and let you have a look about these discussions. Good day.


PS : No boss zombies or any mutation types, this has been confirmed long ago.

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aaaah I see. I started the game a week ago so I didnt really check the forums, anyway thanks for links :)

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