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Hacker Attacking My Compound: Glycolysis


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Hello everyone.


I do know that the topic is quite bold and some will be quick to assume that I have little evidence.  On the contrary, I believe that I have sufficient evidence.  In my two years of playing DZ, I have never called anyone who raided me successfully a hacker, as I have had little evidence to say so.  Now, with the new raid reports, I believe that I can say that this person is a hacker. 


This is the raid report.  I apologize for the low quality, as it had not occurred to me to video the raid report at the time.




In this raid report, you may see some very strange things.


1. Person attacked with 2 people and lost with 0 people.  That is believable.


2. Person used 1 blue m417 and 1 black hatchet to kill 10 guys with unique long rifles, some of which had 70% armor.  Um... that's a bit of a stretch.


3.  Somehow, an engineer with a black hatchet and glasses killed ALL 10 of my guys.  Yeah... just no.


4.  This is the most compelling point.  Whoever this person was, he looted everything before downing my guys.  What?  In this defense, attackers are slammed by a wall of bullets no matter which cover pile they spawn behind.  The top right and left corner are covered as well. 



Some of you may say that my defense is trash.  I beg to differ.  I have had members in L1N (top AG/FB clan) who can only beat it by bringing 5 people.  An experienced raider told me that he would bring no less than 4 people (with outstanding uniques of course) to have a chance at beating it.   Here is my defense with the full defensive loadout during that raid.  My defense loadout has not changed in a week, and my defense layout has been fairly static for a few months.  Other players can attest to this.




Note that more or less all 10 guys had guns on the fuel gen, which he somehow raided without killing anyone or bringing a smoke grenade.


Also, note that jameswq, the person who attacked me, has mostly level 1-level 3 barricades.  His food storages are under upgrading... and he has no DMU.  Likely, seeing how he raided me, his exp is hacked as well.



The ONLY way I can think of him not hacking and doing this is using the defender unequip bug.  No, I do not know how this is accomplished, but I deem it little better than hacking.  However, the fact that he only used 2 guys shows that he was fairly deliberate in doing what he was doing.


I seriously hope this should be fixed.  I sympathize with the dev team due to the torrent of suggestions, bugs, and death threats being throw at them every day, but I believe that issues like this should be looked into.   I am overjoyed at the current list of hackers being banned, but it seems that all good progress is slow.  Even so, whoever this jameswq person should be looked into.





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True Evil

True Evil
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You should email CAG directly next time, five bucks that this thread won't go anywhere nice.



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Or, at least post it in the reports section instead. I don't intend to discuss on matters like these.

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First of all, you should be sending issues like this into the support email address rather than posting it in the forum.  Posting it in the forum will only star arguments.


Secondly, there is an option to save the reports out to a JPEG that exports a high quality JPG image (which you have obviously used to generate that image)  I suggest you send that image in its original and unedited state to us so that we can investigate - we cannot act upon blurry images like the one you have provided as it is too difficult to tell if it has been edited in any way.


I will say that in this case is does look suspicious, and I will be happy to look into it if you do the above 2 things.



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