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More Search Time + Locations

Scavenging Locations

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My idea is depending on how big an area is, we get more time to scavenge (or search) so like a small Supermarket we get 3-4 minutes to search the place, and with a Hospital or Department Store we get 9-10 minutes, the reason behind this is because with a small Supermarket 5 is way too much time I scavenge the place and then with like 2 minutes left I wait it out to get experience, while as with Department Stores or Hospitals I have to go back to a green zone before I can search everything.


So as well as the idea of adding more search time based off of how big an area is, I was also thinking we could have areas like Malls, abandoned compounds and small military set-ups.


An example


Malls - Large areas of closed space with a food court for food, stores, a gun store for ammunition, weapons and maybe if Con decides to add them Bow & Arrows or Crossbows.


Abandoned Compounds  - A compound with broken down barricades and watchtowers, might want to bring some recons with you because there will be some active traps and some duds, resources would be the same as a raid only without having to worry about players.


Small Military Set-Ups - A medium sized area surrounded by fencing and one gate to enter, resources would mostly be ammo and weapons like rifles & pistols with some military rations.

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Abandoned Compounds seem a bit OP because there is not much risk for such a large reward.  A mall sounds like a bunch of places that can be scavenged fit into one area which is a bit OP.


 From a realistic standpoint (yes, I'm bringing the realism card out to explain the 6 minutes) the 6 minutes is because the gunfire would attract every zombie in the whole (quite) city to that one location.  You want to be out of there before every zombie in the city decides it's feeling a bit peckish.

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Other than the first couple of times to a new mission type I rarely spend more than three minutes scavenging anywhere, so additional time is not needed in my honest opinion.  The only time(s) it runs over three minutes usually is when I get an unusually high number of zombie rushes (think the most I've seen is five).

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