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Search Container Which Cant Be Scavenged

Search Container Bug Motel Scavenge

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There's a bug with a search container in motel (level 35) that can't be scavenged and causes my survivors to (do nothing) when i click on it to loot it and unless i move them by clicking somewhere else or be attacked by a zombie -not sure- they just standing there like a statue :3 i took a picture of the container but couldn't manage to upload it here,it's in the middle of the map and at the rightside of the first car u see actually it depends on your view angle but.. there's no other way to explain it without a picture lol anyways,i hope it will get fixed soon.

Have a Nice Day Everyone. :3

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This has been reported several times before.






I thought a fix would've been in place by now but that particular container is still unlootable at the moment. My advice would be to avoid manual missions at motels (unless you don't mind looting 1 less container and consequently missing out on the "loot all containers" bonus) or just automate them.

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not only there, but in some other places too. I just come back from a raid to a depot and just for one container i couldn't get my 6 points for alliance war, i check every single place but no were to be the container and its no the first time it hapend it have been many time that a container gets bug'd and i cant finish  the 100% looted place

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