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For Sale: Herc (lv3) Keys, Helmets, 10% Masks, 15% Looters

keys helmets masks looters M107 M417 PSG bando M60 cake hat

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In game name: Officer_Dumpling


If you'd like to chat, please send me a message here, PM me in-game, or find me on the Trade Chat Channel (probably Trade0).


For Sale:

a) HERC lvl 3 keys (in bulk)

B) Combat Helmets (Black, DCU, Khaki, Navy - I have many of each colour)

c) 10% Suppression Masks (all kinds, and many of each - El Diablo, Skull, Clown, Full Face)

d) 15% looters (in bulk)


I'd like to buy any of the following items:

a) Unique Long Rifles: M107, M417, PSG

B) Unique LMG: M60

c) Unique gear: Bandolier (80%+), Harness (80%+), Melee vests (42.5%+ combat bonus)

d) Crafted blue Balanced Slicing Sword (25% or 20% craft bonus for both Damage and APS)

e) Clothing: Cake Hat, Turkey Hat




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Slamet Wardana

Slamet Wardana
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bro u still trade thoose helm? how much for 5pcs of them.

Btw how we can send private message here, im new on this forum thanks

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