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Weapon Changes And Tweeks, And New Gear (as Reference To The Snipers Getting A Min Range)

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First of all i wana apologize for any typo or mistake i make, english is not my first language and will try my best to make this post as clear as possible.


Alrrigth, as we all know snipers got "nerf" few updates ago. For different reason that have been explained and wont do in those post.

But since snipers got "tweeks", why not also the other types of guns?


Ok so snipers makes sense to be less reliable on close range.


I sugges do the same with other TYPE of weapons.


Shotguns should have a increased damage as a target gets closer since more pellets are likely to hit your target.


SMG's should get  an increased hit chance also as targest get closer as SMG's are intended after all for CQC.


LMG's all should have an increased suppression chance or something along the lines. This may be OP due to the suppression update, but i would not be able to tell since i dont really raid alot. Just saying that LMG are after all used, among other things, to supress fire a certain area IRL.


Tried to think a change for AR's but could not think of something as they are basicly all around purpose.


With pistols, this is were things get a bit different. Make a new gear, craftable, that allows players to carry 2 pistols at the same time rather than just one. The gear it self would look like what police officers and such use to actually carry their guns (sorry i dont know what those things are called in english). 

A second weapon slot would appear in the survivor screen when the gear is equiped and ONLY be allowed to use 2 pistols (the idea is for using 2 pistols not beign able to carry a pistols and an AR for example). 


Pros (regarding the pistols idea).

-Potentially doubles firepower, dps, halfing the amount of time it takes to kill a target.

-2 guns, means more shots you can take before having to reload.

-Either hit 2 targets at same time or focus for a higer dps in 1 target.

-Increased suppresion when used on raids, since you are shooting 2 guns at the same time. (altough i havent heard of players using pistols to raid, the option is there, up to the player if to use it).



-Increassed ammo cost.

-Drastically lowers hit chance since you cant aim properly.

-Increased reload time since you have to reload 2 guns rather than 1 (altough, on general pistols dont tend to have a high reload speed anyway in the first place).

-Requires special gear for beign able to carry 2 pistols, hence cant use any other gear if want to take 2 pistols.


So yeah thats about it. I know the pistols idea was the most elaborated and it mainly looks like the idea is only focusing on the pistols, but think about it, it makes sence for snipers to be less acurrate on close range, it would also make sence for shotguns to get a damage bonus as targets get closer, and also for SMG's to get a hit chance bonus as targets gets closer.


So this is my very first post and would appreciate criticism rather than just a simply no.

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