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The Architect

The Architect
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Well yeah, but that's why I said "if anyone happens to post an idea that is already on the list, then that topic can be flagged, locked, or ultimately deleted from the forum entirely".


You didn't really read through the whole entire first post... did you? Because if you did you should had caught the part where I say that.


They can still post it. We can still see it, even if it's flagged. Because if it's flagged and becomes automatically locked without a moderator, it would be prone to abuse. Zingman explained it clearly too, so why did i? xD


If you ask me, we should just give a regular moderating powers. I certainly won't do it (not that i'm sure people will give that power to me, i'm just saying the OTHER regulars). But that's just me.

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Sounds like a good idea, though i feel some people who see the same repeats of the exact same idea's would just ignore them instead of pointlessly complaining. I've had my fair share of it and i know people just LOVE my ideas on the idea's forums it's a real killer in the self esteem to be honest. i feel there's people who just down vote me just because it's me. but i digress yeah even i am tired of "fuel idea" -reads it- "give me free fuel cause i suck" crud you see all the time.  

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