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Usefull Emojis For In-game Chat Or Forum And Their Game Semnification

Emojis Chat Forum Icons Firefox

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I'm not sure wether you knew this or not, but apparently you can use emojis inside the game's chat system if you are using firefox. So, as i found that a lot of emojis have resemblance with certain game features, i decided to categorize them. Well, here they are:

🏭 = Production Boost 

🎲 = Item Boost or Quality Drop Chance


🏥 = Compound Security Rating or Structure Cover Amount

🏩 = Compond Comfort Raiting


🔖 or 📑 or 📓 or 📔= Tasks

🏆 = Achievements


🍏 or 🍎 = Food  

💳 = Keycard

🔩 = Components

💊 or 💉= Medical Items

👕 = Clothing

= Fuel (does NOT work inside game's chat)


🔧 = Repair  

🔨 = Build   

🔍 or 🔎 = Scavenge / Inspect


👑 Leader 

🔧 Engineer

🎯 Fighter

➕ Medic

👟 Recon 

🎒 Scavenger 


🚙 or 🚗 = DMU

💀 = Bounty



🕓 or ⏳ or ⏰= Return Time(s) or Lockout Remaining Time or Task Completion Time, etc.

= Trap Spotted (does NOT work inside game's chat)

= Recycle®
💢 = Damage(?) or Critical(?)


You can suggest some, and i'll add them to the OP.


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dead account here

dead account here
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Now if only I could actually see those icons...they just show up on my browser as little multi-colored squares...you got a photo or something I could look at? :/

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Oh man i'm so sorry, i just realized they only appear on firefox :(

And i just tested, they work in-game on firefox only too...


Oh man, i guess this whole thing failed....

Here are the icons for those of you who aren't using firefox

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Bolt Crank

Bolt Crank
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Nice icons there. This should be really handy when it comes to showing new players how to play the game or through other means of conversation.

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dead account here

dead account here
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It's fine. Still could work if Con can simply use the raw images and implement a feature for that...


Anyways...HOLY COW THAT LOOKS AWESOME!!! Got a couple suggestions though, although I have a feeling that you've already tried looking for them: water, wood, metal, cloth, weapons, gear, and junk.

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Thanks, this will be useful in chat.

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I see the damage one being more of an aggro type emote.


That's actually pretty cool, I can see some of them being used for trade chat.

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Tried them in chat...most of them look pretty bad.  Would've been cool if they looked like they did in the picture.

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