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Healing Issue/possible Solution

healing issue solution

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So I've had this issue for a few days where my medic and leader are unable to heal. I've been playing this game since it started, so I know all about how healing works, so I was confused when they would not heal. I figured it wasn't a big deal, but I noticed some other people had a similar problem.


I think I might've found a solution though. I've tried this in two different attacks and both times this seemed to work. Holding space and left click do absolutely nothing, but if you hold down ctrl+space and left click, then the medic/leader heals. I only tried this twice, so it might've just been a coincidence, but hopefully other people experiencing this problem can try it and let me know if this is helping them as well. If not, then I'll try to find another way to make healing work for those people.


I enjoy this game a lot, so a problem like this won't turn me off from it. I realize though that for some others, this might make them lose interest, so I want to find a way to fix this and keep them around.


If someone already found a way to fix this, then I'm sorry for posting, but I didn't see it. I'm fairly new to forums so I really wouldn't know how to do an advanced search to find that.


Thank you for reading.

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Try the E key?

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