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Decoy Active Gear

grenade active gear decoy

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From game to game featuring Zeds we have seen traditional Decoys of the infected. They usually distract them for a short period of time some are more effective than others and some can be lethal too. here's a few examples 


Meat bait = As seen in Dead Island, it is quite literally a piece of meat taped together 

Needed: -10 food, Duck tape x1. 

Required = level 5 engineer + level 1 gear bench.

Distraction time: 5 seconds 

Effective range: 7


Decoy Grenade: As seen in CoD, these grenades fire blanks and have a variety of ammunition packed into them.

Needed:  Schematic of the grenade, metal canister, - 30 ammo cost, detonator, electronic scrap, wire x5, Duck tape x5 level 15 engineer, level 3 gear bench

Distraction time: 10 seconds

effective range: 13


Flare: Can be scavenged but can not be crafted.  commonly found in military bases sometimes found in security's and police stations.

Distraction time: 10 seconds

Effective range: 17


Meat Bomb: Meat with some explosives stuck to it to give it an extra kick

Needed: -20 food, duck tape x5, explosive charge, fuse, detonator. level 20 engineer, level 5 gear bench

Effective  distraction range 14

Effective explosion range 3

Time before explosion: 4 seconds

Distraction time 10 seconds

Damage: 150

Damage Vs buildings 225


fireworks: What was once used for celebrations and parties now acts as a handy zombie counter measure! (a handful of fireworks are used of various types)

can be scavenged, sometimes found in warehouses but may also be found in stores on rarer occasions

distraction time :20 seconds

effective range : 20


though majority of these may not work on human counterparts being smarter and all it is possible for the decoy grenade to distract them encouraging them to shoot it, destroying it in the process allowing your survivor to take a pot shot at the distracted defender.


edit: it is highly recommended to use these with either a medic or recon as they are the weakest class and can save them in a bad spot. 

remember if you send your survivors guns ablazing there is a chance the grenades will do nothing at most distract a few stragglers. but they will definitely distract Zeds if you choose a melee job.

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