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How To Make Trading More Deversified

Trade trading fuel fuelcosts

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Raider of doom

Raider of doom
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I am always a little sad to see only high-end items beeing traded / beeing worth to be traded. So i thought about if implementing a scaling to the fuelcost for each tradeslot depending on the quality of the traded item.


Am not going to go into numbers here, cause thats devbuisness, but i'll suggest a ladder.


Resources < poor < components < commen < uncommen < medicals < etc. Somewhat like this, you get the idea.



This would hopefully result in a more active tradebehaviour of players at all levels. Thinking about whiteflag users drowning in medicals and raiders needing them desperatly...


I know that the current system does try something similar via the numbercap of items that can be put in one trade slot but (500 resource, 20 medicals, etc.) but tweaking around with the numbers to encourage resource/medicals/component trading would still leave uncommen or very rare gear/weapons out cause they are simply soo little worth while filling a whole tradeslot that could be used for trading a rare/uni^^



I know, this is no big gamechanger but i think it would add alot to the flair of the game.


Did i miss something or is this idea flawed? Feedback of all kinds is apreciated.



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