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Setting Looting Quality

loot setting find quality

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It was long ago when I posted anything here, here is my new idea.


Setting looting quality would mean that in an options menu players could set what their survivors can loot and which items would not be looted. An example: I dont want to find poor, common,uncommon, very uncommon, rare, and very rare weapons and gear, clothes, schematics, and most of the books.

So in an options menu I could choose what items I want to find, and what not, and if the survivors loot an item in the given category, it would not be turn up in the loot report, and would not show up in my inventory.

This would be good for both parties: on one side, players don't have to recycle unwanted items, on the other side, Con doesn't have to pay as much money for the storage of the items.

I am waiting for the responses. Like my ideas, it needs some small changes/ideas to be better.

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While I like the idea, I don't see it being implemented. One aspect of the game that's likely implemented by design, is the need for players to micromanage various aspects of the game, one area being our inventory. The more we play (loot, etc) the greater the need for this micromanagement.


Players who wish to continue playing extensively have 2 options, we can spend our time recycling the items manually and/or in small batches for no fuel cost, or we can spend fuel to speed-up the recycler and save our personal time. Con obviously would prefer the latter as in the long run that leads to $$$ for CAG.


So yeah, I expect we won't see any such implementation of this idea, and I expect that's why we probably won't see the (rather popular) incinerator idea being implemented either. I could be wrong though, if enough players want it, and only a few actually spend fuel on recycling, then it may be implemented, I just doubt it for now at least.

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I like it...unfortunately, I think con often equates tedious with challenging.  Recycling tons of garbage is part of the 'challenge'.

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Maybe an upgrade of recycler at level [insert number]. Works same as OP suggested.

- Could be an upgrade for fuel. Devs would probably make more money on it than on all the misclicks on recycler speed ups 

- Micromanagement is on for some levels. 


Maybe a book for fuel only, costly. Allows to throw away infinite number of stuff with recycler (recycler cap is set to infinity, time to 5 minutes, no res and comp. gain). Can be with some sort of lockdown. 


Or incinerator

Or just a fire place (building, does same as mentioned book, leads to larger zombie hordes incoming) 

Or insert anything that allows this recycling thing to be less brain damaging


There are many options and of course u have my support for your idea. 

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