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Recon Vests

Recon combat melee items gear

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Just a thought but how about Recon vests be allowed by all?


At the moment they are curiously only wearable by recons and leaders, the former who aren't really designed for the punishment of melee against zeds, which has always made me scratch my chin why there is a vest designed exclusively for them, when HP vests are far more desirable.


Unique melee vests are actually quite hard to come by, and half the time unneeded recon vests turn up. So it would be cool if they could put to some use perhaps on the engineer or fighters who perhaps don't have the more hardcore melee vests.



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I never understood them either.  Why have a bonus to improvised combat and limit to a class that doesn't specialize in improvised weapons?  They're still useful for ammo farming autos with swords but they could be so much more.

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