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New Book - Shared Exp

Levelgap Books book Exp

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Raider of doom

Raider of doom
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I am thinking about a General book that allows to share a percentage of gained exp with all survivors. Let me just throw some numbers:

Maybe some penalty running along with it.. prolly gaining less exp over all or something else.







Store only:



Using this book even survivors not participating in what ever gives the exp, will benefit partially.




Many players worked it out alrdy, that spreading the exp as whide as possible throughout your team is getting more and more importent as we level up. As otherwise you can end up like the guy that sparked the idea in my head.


He tried to raid me, his leader was level 32 and his survivors level 22 - 23. Ofc this is an extreme case, but i feel kinda sad for him because this is basically the only missplay u can do that u cannot fix by any means. All you can do is trying to avoid worsening it too fast^^


Searched for this idea and hadnt found it. What do u guys think?





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I spread my survivors out on missions so no one lags to much behind. My recons, engineers, and medics invariably are a bit slower, but I find it hard to play with them to much because they look so completely ridiculous.


Be cool to never have to take them out of the compound, like ever again.

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Raider of doom

Raider of doom
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Yes, there are several ways to keep the growth of the levelgap between leader and survivors small. Target is not to eliminate that gap, the target is to make it smaller for people that care about it.

Also i would like to see a "general"book that i would want to use :D

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