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Some Small Ideas, Part 2

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Here are some of my newest ideas, I have collected them, comments are welcome.


1. When sending the survivors out on missions, it would be useful, if they were on the same, widened page, so we should not have turn a page when we want to choose the last 4.


2. Increased item tradeability, which means either for real money or for fuel, we could buy that we can trade more items per slot. It could be broken down per slot and per item category. An example: for 100 fuel the player could sell 20 active gear in a slot,  instead of the current 10. (Fuel and grenade amount just an example). Measures should be taken to avoid alt abuse.


3. Some new places to loot: restaurant, bank, open market, casino, pawn shop.


4. We need a box order, as tr are way too many boxes now (escpecially HERC ones), it could be done usng the latest number of the boxex, or the added value of the box number. The higher the number, the later they will appear in the inventory.


5. A 3rd book type: books could have a number, which decreases after every sent mission, an example: looter 15% usable for 10 missions. If the 10th mission is sent, the book disappears, like a timed one, when there is no more time. This type of book is good for non-DMU users, as they can manage better treir loot.


6. I am happy to see that we can havfuel if  eliminate some infected, but t would be better if we have a choice between fuel-kill reward, like 200 infected-10 fuel, 400 infected-20 fuel, 600 infected-30 fuel. I am not begging for easy fuel for myself (as a matter of fact, I have way too many fuel), I only dont have always enough time to do these tasks.


7. It would be useful, if we could recraft the found items (even uniques), with a chance of getting other bonuses. This would not be cheap, but e.g.: unranged LR would not be ated so much, and CAG could get a money boost from fuel sale, needed for the item recraft.


8. Sending a message, after someone left the game, is a helpful way to increase the effectiveness of communication. It is like getting a letter, when we join again trade/ public chat, and someone important or close to us wants to say something, when we are offline.


9. Newcomers would be happy to see a pinpointed message about how to post images, videos, change the letter type etc., in order to communicate better. This would reduce the time needed to solve problems. ( I know there are posts about this, but they always die, as there are new messages, that is why they need to get pinned).


10 And last, advices, are  also welcome on the AG forum, I mean a direct link to a page, which diverts the players to a page, with the ToS, some tips for newcomers, and so on.



I hope that some of my ideas are good. And Con, I don't care if you have thought all of these before, I always like to think that I create a better world, even it is a virtual one ;)



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I don't see No. 7 as a possibility - A Unique comes with stats, unfortunately you can't choose which ones they are, they are totally random so if you get something bad then it is tough luck I am afraid.

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Im up for 1 and 3, but Im not realy sure what you could get from the bank considering that normal money is useless in DZ
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#'s 1, 4, & 5 are the ones I favor most heavily.  The survivor-mission interface is clunky with >6 survivors; it works, but it could be smoother.  The boxes, as you said, quickly become a MESS in anyone's inventory if they don't get recycled/traded/opened...  And the new book type would be more F2P-friendly, never a bad idea.


#6, I propose a tweak to, the option to choose morale or fuel as the mission reward.  The more infected, the more morale, up to the full measure of +25.


#7...  I see what you are suggesting, but I don't agree with doing it for uniques.  For greens, blues, & purples; possibly.  Those could be made reasonably balanced if the effort is put in.  Rares & uniques?  No, the potential magnitude of the bonuses is too much to readily balance.  The problem then is that it falls into where it is balanced, but the masses probably don't want to use it.


#2, I don't object to, it would be a convenience at best with the free trade slots.  With those, the fuel cost for 30 grenades for say a keycard or two is marginal.  Limited use, but still useful.


#3, the open market would be interesting, although the pawn store would probably be a re-make of a security building or similar with somewhat similar loot.  Not bringing much to the table there.  A casino?  Maybe, but the loot would be questionable.  Same for the bank.  A restaurant?  Good for atmosphere, but otherwise similar to a supermarket.  Atmosphere is good, but not needed.


#'s 8-10, those seem like polishing features, not the meat-and-potatoes features that are still being tinkered with/added at this point.

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1. When sending the survivors out on missions, it would be useful, if they were on the same, widened page, so we should not have turn a page when we want to choose the last 4.


This! So much this!

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