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The Cult Of Mithras

Missions challenge

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I was thinking about what would really constitute a 'challenge,' to players playing missions in the game, worthy of some kind of reward in the same way the infected bounties are. Mithras was a popular warrior cult popular during Roman times, but continued for example after the Romans left Britain where it lingered even into Saxon times. It was possible to have followers of the same cult on two opposing sides in a battle. 


Let us assume the cult, or something similar to it, has taken shape among the bands of survivors in the zombie infested wastelands of Union City. Here survival against the infected hoards can been turned into almost a glatitorial art form, where prowess in combat is revered more the manor, style, and strength of the odds overcome to achieve a victory. 


In game terms you would be set a series of tasks in a similar manor to the bounty office, but with additional requirements that must be met to achieve them. So for example the infected body count in West Bricks would all have to be done with melee weapons, or weapons lower than lvl 22 (obviously adjusted in accordance to the player's level, and the suburb level), a maximum number of survivors used during a mission, etc, 


Rewards for completing tasks could be similar to the bounty office, perhaps with a unique set of combat masks the Con developers can delight themselves in designing, (though perhaps with some emphasis on combating the undead as opposed to suppression resistance). 


Perhaps some of the masks could be helmets bearing some resemblance to the Roman gladiatorial helmets of old, or a Samurai helmet, etc


Add your ideas :)

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