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For Anyone Having Problems With Flash, Here's A Solution To Try!

adobe flash flash lag crash

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So ever since around the last update, I've been having all kinds of problems in the game. Literally every time my compound loads, I get a flash freeze and unresponsive script popup, which lasts for 5-10 seconds before resuming. I've also had a sluggish map screen, especially when zoomed out, and in manual missions even with all graphics options turned right down I've had FPS that makes it hard to play - particularly on large maps.


My computer is good, as is my graphics card, so I decided I'd try rolling back Flash. I uninstalled it and installed 13 from this link:




The version I installed was this one:


It has completely cleared up all my problems, and I can now turn all graphics settings on, with Best quality and get no lag or poor FPS!


I use Opera as my browser, by the way, which I've personally found to be the best for this game.


I cannot guarantee this will work for everyone as well as it has for me, but for anyone who has struggled since the last update I do recommend at least trying this!


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