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Too Man Alts In Alliances


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I believe everyone should only be allowed one main anf one alt per alliance.  It would make alliances rely more on many people instead of a few who can raid well and have great equipment.  We would see more effort in recruiting quality people.  I believe we would see a more balanced point spread instead of a select few alliances dominating.  It would breath a bit of life in some of the alliances that just come up short.  Although it might really cheese of a few old timers.

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While I see your point, how could you possibly ever think of monitoring this? I could simply never even say I was alt. Never connect this account with another and have a dozen alts but only claim one. There's no way to enforce it. 

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con knows whos account is whos so u cant hide an alt from con


the problem is when u have a main in one clan and alt in another then have freinds do the same createing 2 clans that by agreement raid eachother and effectivlly cheat their way to fuel rewards

as we see has and is happening

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