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What's In A Name?

player names alliance names offensive

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So what IS in a name? Some might say a bunch of letters, numbers and punctuation.


Some might say racism.


A few weeks ago I witnessed a player complaining about some players' names, and my own Alliance's name.


For those who don't know, my Alliance's name is 'TheFinalSolution.'


Offended now?


Most aren't. Those that are are almost certainly looking for something to be a bother.


So I figured that, in order to showcase just how easily you can take something someone else came up with, and twist it into something as ugly as your own soul, I'd do a quick rundown of the Alliance War Top 100 page, and see how many other 'offensive' names I could find.


PLEASE NOTE - I have yet to see anything in this game I find truly offensive, these are just humorous examples, not how I feel about any of the Alliances mentioned AT ALL.


Less Than Serious - not offensive, though their tag [LXS] sounds vaguely drug-related


LEG1ON - another term for Satan, or the Devil, and thus offensive


Angels Of Apocalypse - sounds satanic to me, so should offend some (and I'm anti-religion, so 'Angels' offends me too)


French Resistance - I'm from Canada - the REST of Canada, this sounds a little Quebec-ish, and thus it offends me


Our Vendetta - reminds me of V For Vendetta - I didn't like that movie - offended!


V for Vendetta - see above (this makes 'Our Vendetta'-^ also offensive in it's copying of this)


Deutsche Allianz - since the player in question said another player's german-themed name was racist, I'm pretty sure this is too


-SPARTAN- the Spartans discarded the weak and sickly children from their ranks, so I'm sure this is offensive


Union Zombi Latina - union strikes have resulted in deaths, Zombi sounds like a racial slur (it's Zombie) and Latina - hell, must be racist


EAT ME - I am deeply, personally offended


LUN4TICS - probably offensive to anyone with a mental illness


Chapel of Ghouls - Chapel is vaguely religious, and ghouls eat the dead which is a crime


Raiden's Realm - sounds like copyright infringement to me


Ins4nes - see above ^^^


The Academy - smacks of elitism, and thus it offends me


Apprentice - sounds like sorcery, which likely offends many



I could go on.


As to player names, I have seen CockDick, PhuckedKunt, titbagZ and many more like them roll across the BC.


These amuse the hell out of me, nothing more.


Once again I don't actually have any problem with anyone else's player name or Alliance name, beyond the level of amusement they provide.


The whole purpose of this thread was to show how easily ANYTHING can be twisted into something unintended.


Thank you to all who read this.

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You're dancing on the edge there.


By itself, its meaningless, but none of the other examples you cited invoke an image of genocide/mass murder that "The Final Solution" does.


The question becomes why that name?  If it came up independently then it makes you and/or the alliance leader look ignorant/uneducated.  If it was chosen with full knowledge of the historical meaning/context then....

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The problem is you didn't come up with it. It has historical relevance and the combination of words isn't used outside of that historical context. 


Here's the bottom line. If we get complaints, we'll ask you to rename your alliance.

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