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Los Demonios [ld6]

alliances los demonios ld6 best alliance ever

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Seraphim Lord

Seraphim Lord
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LOS DEMONIOS [LD6] is a raiding alliance. We look out for our members and do our best to help each other. We love to kick asses and leave compounds to ashes.




1. Seraphim (Leader)

2. Cherubims (Major)

3. Thrones (Private)


What Members Should Follow:


1. Everyone is allowed to invite.
2. No one is allowed to kick other members except the Seraphim and Cherubims.
3. Thrones who have been inactive for at least 7 days will be temporarily relieved from the Alliance.

4. Cherubims who have been inactive for at least 8 days will be temporarily relieved from the Alliance.
5. No one is allowed to spend Alliance Tokens except the Seraphim.
6. A forum will be scheduled regarding spending of Alliance Tokens.
7. Every war task will be divided according to the number of members and their capacity which will serve as a quota for every war round.
8. Upon signing on, everyone should use the Alliance Chat to communicate, trade, help, etc. with other members.
9. Everyone is obliged to help other members with their compound constructions.
10. Everyone is encouraged to share unused weapons/gear etc. to other members who might need them.




We are looking for players who are team players and can be active/online daily. Bullies are not allowed.




The Seraphim is online most of the time to monitor things in the Alliance except for some circumstances which is seldom.

Raiding and scavenging is very much encourage. Don't shy away if your raiding efficiency is low because it doesn't count anyway, what's important are the war points you have acquired.

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that's good :D welcome i think welcome to me :D

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never mind
i think we r okay right here right now :P

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karl aka brainss

karl aka brainss
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hey everyone,

i have an opinion here idk if u will like it or not it's about u,



i suggest to divide the alliance into two alliance:

lvl 10 -18 in a low lvl alliance

lvl 18 and greater in high lvl alliance,


now i know we all can give them an advice ,

but we need the low lvl alliance to let them upgrade everything and the leader and his assistant will help them with resources

so they can grow fast



if we look to the high lvl alliance

u will see every one with lvl more than 18

i guess this will make donating easier , missions more profissional , and more powerful raider ,

so we can get higher



so what i am talking bout right here ,

is to make the high lvl alliance ready to get into war rounds either for donating or for raiding

and the low lvl alliance upgraded fast with leader and assistance help



idk what ur opinion is

but i got to say.



Best Regards


hi,not so sure splitting a small alliance is a good idea.maybe we should vote on it? but i feel splitting will leave the smaller alliance less positive and more defenceless .i say its a good idea to have 2 alliances but when we have more members.once we have more members we can create a sister alliance where both can work as one :D this is just my opinion so i feel a vote would be good on the idea and once a vote or our leader has decided i will be happy to go along and support the final idea. BRAINSS :D

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Seraphim Lord

Seraphim Lord
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Awesome idea AJ, but not applicable for now.

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Seraphim Lord

Seraphim Lord
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Here's how my defense works:




All survivors are inside my building, and somewhat spreadout through the barricades, to avoid being suppressed all at the same time.

All have long range rifles for loadout. I sacrificed my resources being a little bit exposed since I don't have anything to upgrade or build anymore.

What's important is protecting the banner and my survivors.


Towers outside are spreadout too and used as decoys to give some hesitation to raiders on where to place their raiding group.


Do you have unique defense strategies? Share it to the team. :)

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From dumbjock123 : RAIDING




From Cupinoy : RAIDING




From Quadro40k : RAIDING




The Noble Art of Kiting by Nephy : MISSIONS




By PeterTehDumb : MISSIONS




By PeterTehDumb : MISSIONS




The Zombie Survival Guide by SpartanOfHope : General Guide 




From Frostedd : TRADING


Use these links if you don't know what to do.

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Sky, two persons don't want you giving very useful tips. Maybe you're better off keeping this knowledge to yourself and use it to your advantage. :)


Hello, Los Demonios. Wishing all the best for your team!

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Leave these worthless beings to rot in hell Alamat for they will never stop me from distributing justice and righteous kindness among the dead zoners. For every downvote they give they shall take a step closer to being a demon, I say that they should stay that way for there is nothing more satisfying than seeing them as torture themselves uselessly.


In the meantime I shall dispense joy among the populace and ensure that happiness even if there are loud boisterous haters there will always be a thousand more silent crowds that shall enjoy my attention.

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