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Ideas For Events, Suggested Flags

event flag ideas suggestions

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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Hi y'all,



Often people have grumbled that the flag of their nation isn't included under the general construction tab,


I can't see how more flags would be a massive programming task  (but I'm no expert tbh  D:) and I suspect they would sell well too.


I also thought it might expand the cultural appeal of the game, a theme I will return to later.


Any suggestions for popular flags people would like included?


Portugal ?  ( I have someone in mind in this case!)


Israeli ?  it occurs to me that this would appeal to some people who don't currently live in Israel.




I could list endless amounts of suggestions, fortunately after the referendum vote on scotland leaving the union a revised union flag will not be required, but I do know in the UK people do like to use the Welsh and Scottish flags.


Maybe if people has a specific flag they truly want they could post a request in this thread.



Ideas for Events.


I've also had conversations about the themes for events in the Deadzone.


They do seem to be grouped around North American and Protestant themes.


In the interest of inclusion of all members of our global community I thought it might be fun to suggest some other cultural holidays that events could be crafted around.


I'm no expert on the diverse cultures of the world and from my limited knowledge suggest a couple of ideas here in the hope that others, better informed of the cultural traditions of their region, could improve and expand on my initial ideas...


feel free to add suggestions onto this thread.


Would it be improper to suggest something like the Festival of Eid as an event for our Muslim brothers?


Looking to the Latin world and the Catholic faith I thought the Mexican Festival of the Dead which is a resurrection festival (apparently, I'm not an expert) would make a very suitable event theme for a game such as this....  any response?


I'm not knowledgeable enough about Hindu and Buhddist festivals to pick out an appropriate one but I do think some of the Hindu gods like Kali are pretty awesome.. tackling an 8 armed 'special' zom would be a challenge!


Maybe if we could complete a task to earn a blessing from Kali we could temprarily have the power to dual wield melee?!


I hope I've not caused any offence through my ignorance and look forward to reading any suggestions other player may wish to post.


PS..  for followers of the true faith I'm suprised there is no May the 4th event in the calendar.. we alreadys have the star wors plastic light swords  :D







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Yeah, we should har something on the 4th. I think this is a good idea but it's bound to piss some people off. We should include other beliefs in some of the themed events
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I think it is a very nice idea to add more diversity to the game. In the alliance I am in, we have players from all over the globe and I have no doubt that are many more out in the game. It would be nice to add more culture within the game, because we already have the Independence Day for America as a theme so why not have more themes based off of the holidays in other countries?

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I agree with the flags and such, but they should be a bit cheaper too, I'm only really saying that because I have quite a few I'd like to build ;)


Using events from other countries is cool, but I wouldn't bring religion into the game, it may upset or offend some people, which is completely understandable.


But yeah... this is a good idea, it would be cool to implement into the system :)

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In the past Con has said flags from other countries is a supply/demand issue.


Say there are 500K users.


Player A lives in Country X, which accounts for 10% of the playerbase, so 50K users.   Of those, 2% buy fuel so around 1000 players of the 50K have bought fuel and those 1000 people could buy the flag.


Player B lives in Country Y, which accounts for 0.5% of the playerbase, so 2500 users.  Of those, 2% buy fuel so around 50 players of the 2500  have bought fuel and only those 50 people could buy the flag,




But just because somebody has the means to buy the flag, doesn't mean they will.   A national flag is a giveaway to the time of day a player is typically on, and more importantly -- when they're not.    Also players that buy fuel might not feel the flag is worth the cost.


To have it look right, it takes time an effort -- you can't just slap a flag into the 3D-isometic view we have.   Time = money, and Con is only going to spend time on something 1-2 users might buy.

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But +1 for the Israeli flag.

Jews are truly a global nation since how they have been historically dispersed. And are also one of the nations that the whole world is hearing,seeing,sympathizing or hating every day. I am no Jew but would like that flag. Also respect to those who wouldnt..peace :P

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