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Book: Russian Ivan's Mystery Tour

Mission book rare timed

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Russian Ivan's Mystery Tour (30 min timed book):


Cover: Battered, bust up school bus with a bearded lunatic at the wheel (Ivan) 


Here's an idea for a special book I just had whilst playing with a non-DMU account with a 230% odd Long Way Home, and noticing the glorious 10 hour return leg. A special, reasonably rare alternative to a Long Way Home. Basically the +200% xp would be argumented with a 5-10% chance of finding quality items, and a random +50-99% infected damage. 


Basically by selecting the timed book you agree to some esoterical task(s) from Russian Ivan -perhaps at a random unexplored building suitable for your level- that Ivan is struggling with himself, hence the infected damage bonus. You keep everything you find inside, you clear the building for him. 


Given Ivan is driving you there the DMU bonus wouldn't apply, though you could shout as a backseat driver (enjoying a shortcuts bonus), this being a book for a mission or two before finishing the day's Dead Zoning. 




Expand: With a little imagination, this could of course be the doorway to random unique areas designed by Con, only accessible by the book, given Ivan want's to keep their location secret; he's just having a little difficulty with the calibre of infected at the location himself :)

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I like the idea, but the feasibility is what I am concerned about.


It being a timed book makes sense, but it would probably be better if it could be made to last a certain number of missions.  Although that would require a whole new class of book.

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I figured 30 min you can squeeze in two or three as the timer ticks away; that's enough for all of our guys I guess






Discerning Scavenger (General book)


Two variants: Timed and non timed


This adds +1% to the chance of finding quality items, (+10% search time, -10-18% chance of finding junk), +100% mission return time (non-timed)

                 +2-4% to the chance of finding quality items, (+10% search time, -10-18% chance of finding junk), +200-239% mission return time (30 min)


The book is obviously meant to be used with a shiny, and/or a looter if you have one, and would benefit non-alliance players slightly. I've put optional bonuses/penalty in brackets, because

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