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Major Lag Resulting In Toon Death Or Injuries

Lag poor performance toons die

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Why does this game suffer from soo much lag and performance issues?

It's not nearly as graphical as WoW or other online MMORPGs etc, which my system has never had issue with.


I have a nVidia GTX 650 with 2GB memory on that card.

After checking your video performance deal on Adobe, that is WELL more than I need.

Yet the system hangs AWFUL.. sometimes even in your own compound.


The worst time is when the dead rush in while your team is in a building working on quests.

The lag has resulted in my toons getting lots of injuries and some even dying.


What is wrong with this game???

Adobe Flash??


Fix it please.



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yea flash still seems to get memory leaks due to their companys lack of any form of people who know wtf they are doing, been going on for years yet still have yet to fix it

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Refresh after every 5 missions ... Memory leaks cause extreme problems if u don't.


U will get used to constant refresh.. 

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