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Minor Rebalancings For Defence

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1. In attacks, people generally snipe from long distance (which usually causes time-runouts before areas are clear for scavenging) or try and stage a grenade-based assault with the notoriously clunky controls. Most other strategies (like CQB) don't work very well, which limits variety in offence and defence.

2. Of course, the sniper-heavy defences of most people means that countersniping isn't always a viable strategy. But what other options are there?

3. Although it'd be stupid to bring a pistol to a rifle fight, it'd sure be nice to use something other than long rifles.

4. There are also few incentives to raid at endgame. It's challenging enough, but usually not worth the long delays.



1. In my opinion, attacking and defending should be more interesting, fast paced and actually allow for CQB - which probably means LOS-blocking cover and messing up your beautifully trimmed compounds and killing fields. In theory, this will only change offence and defence strategies as you don't really need defences to mow down zeds. With new obstructions and places to leapfrog from, we could get ambushes and more creative trap placements.

2.  Aim times for weapons should be differentiated  as they're all just 0.1 right now. It could probably go down with ranged skill, but something like long rifles - 0.5, assault rifles 0.3, shotguns 0.1, pistols 0.2 etc would actually encourage the use of CQB to shoot first and stunlock enemy survivors.

3. If we don't get cover, better suppressing options are needed to change defences. Long range rifle grenades (usable with ARs only) which act to suppress (but not kill) clustered survivors would be useful and encourage people to rethink their defences.

4. Accuracy against fast-moving targets should be reduced. This gives attackers the chance to run past the killing field and defenders the chance to put traps where they're least expected.

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About your suggestions: 

#1 Interesting, wouldn't mind to have something to make raiding more variable. But this risk to make things too easy for the attackers, unless the AI gets really improved...

#2 Totally agree. And I suspect that Con may be thinking of something like that, since they have stated at the old forum that they were going to nerf the M24...

#3 Suppression is already too easy, IMO. As a matter of fact, it should be harder, since it can sometimes turn to be the main reason for time-runouts before killing everyone... 

#4 That one is a must.

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Dead Generations

Dead Generations
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#1. Meh.

#2. Aim time is probably in the works right now, and just not completed atm.

#3. As JHpinto said, it's way to easy to supress someone at the moment.

#4. Could take a while for for two coders to code this but I strongly agree with this.

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I agree with all, definitely support this, but like Dead said, #4 could be difficult to code with only 2 coders.


Only two developers. 

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