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Alliance Tasks

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I will start by confessing that I have only been around for about 2 weeks. However, during my time here I could not help but notice how the community of The Last Stand - Dead Zone players is basically split into two groups. White and red players, respectively raiders and non raiders and that the hottest thing in regards to alliances are the alliance wars.

Before I begin, I just want to say that I am not looking to generate a disadvantage or advantage for either side nor split alliances into white and red.

This idea is basically meant to make alliances just as enjoyable for those who do not wish to raid other players an give them the chance to contribute to their beloved alliance within game play.



-Just like the regular tasks only on a much larger scale. Ex: kill 5000 fat infected(collectively) maybe add collecting cloth/weapons/amo/etc. But the buildings should be absolutely excluded since many survivors might have already built the max of said buildings.

-As some alliances are weaker/stronger than others the amount and type of zombie(for infected tasks) should vary accordingly by member count and average level/alliance.

Time limit for each mission should be 24-48 hours.


-Fuel for the top alliances 3 every 1-3 weeks(?)

-Resources rewards and items according to how much each has contributed(feasible idea for other war rewards)

-Alliance boost Ex: For each 100 points the founder/leader gets to distribute a point that will benefit all alliance members in the following: Fighting, scavenging, engineer, healing, health, effective range, dmg, etc.(feasible idea for other war rewards)

-Survivor/Exterminator(based on whether the resource part is discarded or not) Top. Just like the top of war alliances based on accumulated points. Maybe also make a top of an average between the white and red achievement.


*these rewards will of course be depending on the difficulty of the completed task, which as established above will be determined by how strong your alliance is.



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There are already Alliance tasks that include things like;

Collect x weapons/gear

Collect x wood/metal/cloth/food/water


The amounts are scaled by the number of players in an alliance.


These tasks run at the same time as war rounds and the prizes are Alliance Tokens that can be spent on temporary boosts (e.g. chance to find better weapons/gear, Lower crafting costs, Reduced ammo use etc). The boosts will last until the end of the war round with the price reducing as the end of the round gets closer.


What you have described is already in the game

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Ah, I'm sorry, I wasn't aware of this. Thank you.

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