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Success Chances On Automated Missions

loot looting automated missions missions pve

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hi there...


guess this topic fits best in this thread...


i just want to know how it really works... the topic says all...


1 example:


LVL48 Area Residence


i equip my lvl50 leader with a unique m60 + 66 reload about for 894.5 dps

+ a lvl37 medic with a unique pistol (hes specialised) with 286 dps


result: successchance is on high...


LVL48 Area Same Residence


i equip my lvl50 leader with a unique m60 + 66 reload about for 894.5 dps

+a lvl30 medic with a rare fireaxe for 104dps (not specialised)


result: successchance is on very high....




so that makes no sense for me... sorry if such a topic already exist... just want to know how the automated successchances are really working to set up a good equipment for automated missions cause in the example above there is no sense for me in it ^^


thanks for every solution!

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Easy one.


First one is two firearms, second one is one firearm and one melee.


One of each is stronger than two (of either type)


Came through with the injury update:


Automated Missions
- Significant changes to automated mission success chance
- Mission success now takes weapon mix into account
- Survivor healing ability has a greater impact on success chance
- Survivor level has less of an impact on success chance
- Overall changes better reflect actually running the mission manually

Edited by Zingman, 15 November 2014 - 06:26 AM.

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a big thanks to you Zingman

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