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Help Me Understand: Infamous Items

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Alright, I've finally hit level 50, and the rest of my guys are slowly, but surely, clearing the gap.


As any new player, I saw those red, strange items, with powerful looks, and weird names. The infamous bunch.


I crafted a few, tested them, was amazed, they were so powerful!


And then of course I outgrew them and now the seem like close to garbage to me. Well, don't get me wrong, they -are- strong. But not 250 fuel strong.


So, before I keep spending fuel on the wrong kind of crafts, could you guys please help me understand the reason behind these Infamous stuff? Are they just for prestige? Is it a gamble to make you use fuel in hopes of hitting that perfect craft? Am I missing something, and they have a secret stat or ability or something that I cannot see? What would be the "best" infamous? And is there a "must have" one?



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Well most of infamous are good.. for their level. Just like with the rares /unis - if something is lvl 20 then it won't be too much use at lvl 50 since You will have access to more powerfull stuff ;)


That being said - some infamous are worth getting even at lvl 50.


In detail:

The Sandam - not worth crafting, there are better LRs at it's lvl.

Boomstick - good pve for it's lvl.

Swiftdraw- decent bando and what is more important +3 carry granades ( I use them in raids due to that one thing only).

Dead-eye- probably the best of all infamous - maxcraft gives +42,5% range for AR/LMG that You use it with. ( suggested to use with high range m60)

Rasputin - another nice gear. Boost for HP and scav speed- both can be usefull in raids.

Vanguard- somewhat usefull in pve, but not something that You have to get. Armors can give nice melee resitance too ;)

Warlord- not worth crafting. Blue lvl 45 swords are just better.

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Thanks a lot!


I had came up to about the same conclusions, after my 5th sandman... (slow learner) hahaha.


Thanks for taking the time to explain and make a nice detailed list.



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