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(!) Forum Bug With The Post Window


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From what I understand this is a section specifically for DZ reports, but I cannot find a place to post forum bugs, so please don't ban me.    


Every time you write a post and hit the "Post" button, the text you just wrote remains in the editor window. I'm not sure whether this is a feature or a bug, but I have already seen numerous people become confused/mislead (as in maybe the button didn't work or something), and repost by mistake because of this. Normally on pretty much every forum I have ever visited the post window becomes blank after you post, which is much more convenient. Please get this checked as soon as possible.

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Yep, I notice that a lot, really confusing, don't know too if it's on purpose or just a bug. Hope we get an explanation :)
Edit: Just noticed a new bug after posting this, after I click the " Post", it's not yet updating, had to refresh the page to see my post, I think many people would get confused and could double post.

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It happened to me once too, and it might be a problem for who are very quick with clicking by making double post thinking it isn't posted yet. Hope it isn't intended.

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