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Yo DZ Community.
I just found an Idea about Demanding about books. It seem likes Book's supplies went good. But I think maybe they're still not enough for some players. In the DZ, many books have supplied, and what do you think about those books ? Very good right ? Yeah I think so. Uh... So, today I will talk about Book's Demands ok ?
What's book ? What does books do ? well this question maybe have answered by most DZ's players. But I'll answer with my opinion : Books is a small BOOST you get when using it. As Con said, they're "Effect Books". Effect and Boost are the same in someway. I'm sure you have heard about the "boost" in the DZ like : Alliance Boost, War Boost, Halloweed Boost, etc. Then you will think that BOOST is bigger than EFFECT. Of couse it is. Because every others books have their different effect. Example "Ooooh Shiny!" is Increanse chance of finding quality Item; and " Searching With The Eye Closed" have an opposite effection. Books simply is a small boost have worked when you equip it to books slots. For shorty, Books is a small boost have worked only when you "activited" it, means " Equip".
Next is some demands about books supplies. On the DZ, I saw many players complainted : " Man I wish Con would have the book to ..." or "Man! I need ..... hope Con will make some book like that". In my opinion, That's ok. We're DZ's players. We can donate Ideas to the Game's development to get the perfect game.Beside, I have some Ideas that Con should introduces some books can do these effects like :
Normal books :
- Reduces ...% XP during mission
- Reduces time to upgrade building for ...%
- Reduces time of Injury time for....%
- Inscreanse chance of finding medical Items ( this is an Idea from my brother, he's a raider. And I always support Medical Items for him XD)
- Disable Infected Attack ( PvE )
- Inscrease bonus of Gears and weapons's stats by ....%
- Reduces Fuel Drops Chances by ...% ( Not looters )
- Reduces Fuel cost of building misc items by ...%
That's some of my Idea. What about you ? Do you have the same with me ? Or what's your opinion ? Please let me know.
*Challenge Books and time of them will coming soon If you interested :)







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I can't get books to do anything! Open? use?, should I delete? ..nothing


When you open your game screen, there will be 4 boxes just under your leaders name. Choose a box and it will open your book selection so you can equip one.


Be aware that certain books have different limitations e.g.

Timed books cannot be taken out of use until they run out of time

You can't have 2 identical books equipped

To use 2 books of the same type (colour) you will need to equip a third book of that colour called "Specialise in xxxxxx"

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