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Chat - Strike System

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As the game as grown, we've tried to figure out the best way to handle chat moderation. We've given rules for chat and asked you all to agree to them before entering. 


But punishment for breaking those rules has been somewhat unclear. We have decided that a system that is clear and easy to understand will work better for us all. 


3 Strikes and you're out. Players who are banned from the game for violations of the chat terms (http://deadzonegame.com/chat-terms) or the more general terms of service, will be given a Strike.
With each additional strike, the length of the ban will increase, until the final strike. At this point, the account is banned permanently from chat and/or the game.
ANY violations of the above terms will result in a Strike. 
1st Strike - 24 hour ban
2nd Strike - 4 week ban
3rd Strike - Permanent ban 
In cases where behaviour by the User is deemed to be in severe violation of these terms, Con Artist Games staff will apply a Permanent Ban.