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Individual War Reward Problems

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If you haven't received your rewards, email us at support@deadzonegame.com with two things.


1. User ID. You can find your User ID in the bottom left of the game page. This is not your Username or Nickname.

2. Your Alliance Tag.


If you have emailed us, we will get to your response, we're a small company of 6 people in a very inconvenient time zone, so there will be delays.


We're sorry for the issues but there's been some bugs that only happen on a larger scale and in the live environment. In between dealing with the support for this, we've also been working on making sure it doesn't happen again next round. 


Please email us, unsurprisingly, having people post in random threads all over the forum makes it nearly impossible for us to fulfil these rewards. 


We're working through the reward allocation manually. Sorry for the delays and confusion.