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New Little Update For The Last Stand Union City

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The Lost Soul

The Lost Soul
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what about if con give the last stand union city more update ! becus the game was very short game ! it's easy to complete and there only few area in there ! it should has more wpn, more area,more mission and more other things !

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yeah i doubt it tho, lol but he should .,.... but after that comes dead zone, which is the continuation ye know, then again where exacally did the boat go ? jack and all the others ( good question lol ..), UNion city is closed according to what i heard, named as a "DEADZONE" lol. e should make a continuation where they do kill the characters wife, and ya survive and get to a different state or whatever .... or get to a ship and yeah .,.. and so on. But you right dude they should .... well, (HE) should lol., 

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